Namena swarms with sharks

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Western Australia have found that Fiji’s largest marine reserve contains more sharks than surrounding areas that allow fishing, evidence that marine protected areas can be good for sharks. In a study of the no-take reserve’s shark populations, the researchers found that the number of sharksView Detail

Where is the best diving in Fiji?

A question often asked is where the best diving in Fiji is located.  Tough question!  You can fall into the water almost anywhere and have a good dive, and every area has some sites that show signs of damage by weather, climate, runoff, human activity or other factors.  One note about the currents in Fiji – most ofView Detail


kayla2002uk London, United Kingdom This was an nothing short of amazing! the island was unreal, exactly as you would expect a paradise island to be! Barely built on, white sands, crystal clear water, marine life aplenty including a resident turtle! Snorkelling equipment was free, in abundance and no time limit on it! The reef wasView Detail

“Highly recommended”

We took a day cruise to Tivua Island and loved every second. Our host was magnanamous and very entertaining. The day started off so well from a simple conversation with Captain Cook himself that we had forgotten to bring towels. Well, we were trotted off to Jack’s to pick up what we needed, then personallyView Detail