London, United Kingdom
This was an nothing short of amazing! the island was unreal, exactly as you would expect a paradise island to be! Barely built on, white sands, crystal clear water, marine life aplenty including a resident turtle! Snorkelling equipment was free, in abundance and no time limit on it! The reef was much better than anywhere else ive been and we had just come from the great barrier reef!

The welcome was so friendly and put a smile on your face from the second you stepped ashore! I found the service really personal, all the staff remembered our names and took time to chat to us! They make such an effort to make every single person feel welcome! Entertainment in the evening is obviously basic as your on a tiny island but none the less it was brilliant! The staff made such an effort to make sure you had fun! And because there are only 30 rooms everyone gets involved and gets to know each other! The same goes for the daytime activities, I like to laze at the pool but have a very hyperactive husband who does his best to ruin this! However he was taken off my hands by the staff with all sorts of activities! Even if it as only him who wanted to do something they still catered for him!

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the rooms, I had expected it to be a lot more basic that it was! I would definitely go for a beach bure next time though – and there will be a next time!

I am a very fussy eater and was quite nervous about this being that we were in the middle of the sea! But my fears were completely unjust as the food was gorgeous! EVERYDAY!! I can’t recommend Ponys Caesar salad or the crepe suzettes enough! Both are prepared at your table with a touch of showmanship thrown in on the side! Mmmmmmmm now I’m drooling!

It was very much a honeymooners island but we met a couple of girls just there to relax, as well as couples old and young who were not on holiday

There isn’t anything bad I can say about this island except its too far away for me to return regularly!


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